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Kindergarten Hands On Resources

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Ant Coupon Live Material Ant Coupon - Insects Kit

Cricket Coupon Live Material Cricket Coupon - Insects Kit

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 First Grade Hands On Resources





Ladybug Coupon Live Material Ladybug Coupon included in kit, coupon can be reedemed online.

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Second Grade Hands On Resources





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Third Grade Hands On Resources





Butterfly Coupon Live Material Butterfly Coupon - Butterflies & Moth Kit

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Fourth Grade Hands On Resources





Crayfish Coupon Live Material Crayfish Coupon - Crayfish Kit

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Fifth/Sixth Hands On Resources








   Live Material Coupon - Terrarium & Vivarium Kit

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Star Lab Digital
Star Lab Traditional (Dome & Cylinder Pack) 


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EIE: Designing Bridges (K)

EIE: Seeing Animal Sounds (1)

EIE: Designing Hand Pollinators (2)

EIE: Designing Solar Ovens (3)

EIE: Designing Alarm Circuits (4)

EIE: Designing Water Filters (5) 




Star Lab Hands On Resources







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Science Kits Hands On Page


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Bee Bots

LittleBits Circuit



GPS - E Trex

Quick Attach Microscopes


Robot Turtles

SAE World In Motion Challenge 2

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