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CTLE Information

Continued Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE)

Starting on July 1, 2016, certain New York State-certified educators are required to accumulate 100 hours of professional development every five years.  Part of that requirement includes the need for professional development sponsors such as CA BOCES to provide certificate-holders with Continued Teacher and Leader Education certificates of completion.  These certificates verify an educator has completed a specified number of hours in the areas of content, pedagogy, and/or English Language Learners.  

CTLE Requirement

CTLE Sponsorship

Many different institutions and organizations can apply to become CTLE sponsors through NYSED.  Sponsors are required to maintain specific information relating to professional development offered and who attended those offerings.  The full description of CTLE sponsor responsibilities can be found on the NYSED's CTLE Sponsor page.

CTLE Certificates from CA BOCES

CA BOCES will provide a choice of two types of certificates to anyone who attends CA BOCES professional development offerings from July 1, 2016 forward.

Certificate of Attendance

Certificates of attendance are available for anyone who wishes to have a signed certificate for professional development they have participated in with CA BOCES.  Certificates of attendance are not the same as CTLE certificates.  Educators wishing for a certificate of attendance may be seeking proof of attendance for contractual compensation for summer professional development or simply as proof of participation in a specific education-related topic.

CTLE Certificate

CTLE Certificates are available to any educator seeking official certificates of completing CTLE hours in accordance with NYSED's requirements.  These certificates include the CA BOCES Sponsor Identification Number, the signature of our District Superintendent, number of hours completed, and an indication of whether the professional development qualified as relating to content, pedagogy, and/or English Langauage Learners.

CTLE Certificates are made available after individual educators have indicated their date of birth and the last four digits of their Social Security Number to CA BOCES.  These identifiers are required elements of official CTLE certificates and will be printed on any CTLE certificates issued to individuals.

Retrieving Certificates from CA BOCES

CA BOCES certificates of attendance and/or CTLE certificates can be obtained by individual participants through our online registration system.  For more information on how to retrieve your certificates, please contact your district's registration representative, the CA BOCES staff member who provided the service, or our registrar, Laurie Sledge.

  •  If you are from outside of our BOCES region, have left the region, or have moved to a different school district within our region, please contact Laurie Sledge for assistance in accessing the system.