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Information About Adobe Connect

What is Adobe Connect?


Adobe Connect Presenter is an enhancement to PowerPoint that allows teachers or students to create presentations or run e-learning courses. This allows students, parents, or the community to have access to lectures, assignments or special projects anytime, anywhere.

Adobe Connect Live Meeting allows meeting presenters to share their screen with anyone, anywhere with real-time or archived presentations. Much like a webinar, the host is able to share files, PowerPoint presentations, or control other users’ screens.

Need to have an account for Adobe Connect?  Please contact the Distance Learning Support Secialist at 716-376-8270. Need to be trained in Adobe Connect? Please contact Betsy Hardy at   


Do you want to learn more about Adobe Connect?  Click on How to Connect  and Presentation Overview Slideshow (How to Create Your First Presentation) to learn more.

How to Connect   Presentation Overview Slideshow