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Learning Resources Help & Faqs

Do you know where Learning Resources is located?

Learning Resources Building    

Our address is: 182 East Union, Allegany, NY 14706.  Right next to the Challenger Center and UPS.

What is available at Learning Resources?

         Media Resources                      Distance Learning                  Science Resources                 Library Resources

Media Resources  Science Resources Library Resources 

 We would love to have you stop in and see some of the resources we have available for you!   What would you see?

  •        Baby Think It Over Kit  Environmental Education Supplies  

  •  Don't forget all our digital media!  Here are a few:

Discovery Streaming Learn 360  Brain Pop Brain Pop Jr Brain Pop ESL Brain Pop Espanol   Tumble Books  Study Island Castle Learning 

 Your students have a resource for their digital needs as well.  Check out our CABOCES Digital Kids page :


  •  Some of the most commonly asked questions and answers are listed below:
  1. Where do I go for all these resources?
  2. Where do I go to access media?
  3. How do I request an account?  Email:
  4. Who can use these services?   These services are for our component school districts in the Cattaraugus Allegany BOCES region who participate.
  5. How do I find the multiple copy books?  Go to:
  6. What if you don't have the book title that I want?  Contact your librarian to possibly get an inter-library loan.  Please give them the title and author of the book and how many copies you need.   Often times the librarian works with Ronda Turner here for any books needed.   
  7. Where do I find a listing of Distance Learning classes?  Username: distance Password: learning
  8. What is a Virtual Field Trip?
  9. How do I search for a Virtual Field Trip?
  10. How do I book a Virtual Field Trip?
  11. How do I book my science kits?
  12. When will I get my live material for my science kits?   A coupon will arrive in your science kit.  Complete the form and fax it to the number provided with the date requested.  Please three weeks for delivery.  Live material normally ships on a Monday from the company and arrive at the school on a Thursday or Friday.
  13. What is moodle?
  14. What is Adobe Connect and how do I use it?
  15. Who do I contact?
  16. Where do I go for a Driver Move Request?  
  17. After I submit my Driver Move Order request, who is my contact person?
  18. Where do I go to have something recordered off air (tv)?
  19. Who do I contact to have multiple DVD's duplicated and reproductions edited?