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Professional Development in the CA BOCES Region

A number of COSER's are used to deliver professional development to the CA Region.  The Effective Schools (COSER 529) and Model Schools (COSER 517) Programs exist to provide high quality professional development, classroom coaching, and curriculum support to any classroom or school in the CA BOCES Region.  Access our Calendar of Events to preview our offerings.  All events and offerings are eligible for substitute and teacher stipend reimbursement.  District administration can also request on-site professional development support from any of our highly skilled CA BOCES staff developers.  Please contact Tim Clarke for information: or 716-376-8321. 
Effective Schools (COSER 529)
BOCES staff developers have worked with national-level experts to gain knowledge and application in a variety of service areas.  Professional development services are provided at BOCES sites, as well as on-site within your school district.  We specialize in customizing our professional development services to meet your specific needs and criteria.  The team members in this program attend regular meetings in Albany to remain current with changes in NYS standards and services.
Expertise areas include (see below for a complete list and contact information):
New York State Learning Standards (Next Generation ELA/Math, Social Studies Framework, etc.)
NYS Curriculum Modules
Curriculum Alignnment and Development
Assessment Alignment and Development
Data Analysis and Data Driven Instruction
Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) Technical Assistance 
Best Instructional Practices
Current Trends and Topics in Education
Model Schools (COSER 517)
This COSER provides teachers and leaders with the most current instruction on technology integration software, hardware and basic skills.   Professional Development is delivered at BOCES locations or on-demand at your local school. 
Expertise areas include (see below for a complete list and contact information):
Facilitation of new and emerging technologies
District assistance in developing technology plans
Enhancement of technology integration through instruction, one-on-one, in the teacher's classroom
Enhancemen of instruction through group training through teacher sharing of curriculum
Assessment and instructional practices using technology
Connect with Instructional Support Services