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Math Manipulative and Book Kits

New York State released a list of math manipulatives they feel schools should have for teaching math.  Below is a list of links to Math Manipulative Kits that we offer that are on the NY State Common Core Math Manipulative list.  We also have both print and digital versions of Common Core Math Readers available for students and teachers to use.

You will need to sign into before clicking on a link below.  Once logged in, click on the link again in the list below to order the kit.


Common Core Math Readers (Hard Copy and Digital Versions available.  For pdf of book, click on "View Resource" listed under the kit description.)


Pattern Blocks


Overhead Folding Geometric Shapes


Rainbow Fraction Circles

Rainbow Fraction Squares

Spring Scales

Geo Boards


Attribute Shapes

Base Ten Blocks

Place Value Disks


Ten Frame