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Fourth GRADE 

Math Science Technology & Health

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Powders and Crystals

  • Powders and Crystals introduces students to chemical and physical properties of familiar substances. Students perform experiments with chemical and physical reactions and chemical indicators. Students learn rules for proper use of chemicals, and eye safety. Skills emphasized are observing, classifying, collecting, interpreting data, communicating, discussing, manipulating, making decisions, generalizing, and formulating hypotheses.




  • This unit provides students with the opportunity to observe the property of density. Students will engage in inquiry about why and how some objects (solids and liquids) display the property of density. Students will measure the mass of solids and liquids. Students will experiment with solids and liquids of different densities. Students will also calculate the density of solids and liquids using hand-held calculators. The science skills emphasized in Density are collecting data, manipulating, observing, and predicting. Accuracy of measurement is critical to the success of this unit.


    Simple Machines

  • Machines are devices that help make the work of society easier. Machines make work easier by changing the size and/or direction of the force that is applied. There are six simple machines - inclined plane, wedge, screw, lever, pulley, and wheel-and-axle. Simple machines can be combined in all kinds of ways to create the machines we use everyday. The science skills emphasized in Simple Machines are collecting data, manipulating, constructing models, observing, and predicting. Integrated hands-on math activities are also included in this kit.



  • This unit provides the opportunity for students to observe the structures and behavior of crayfish. Students will identify physical characteristics, reaction to stimuli, feeding habits, and territorial behavior. Science skills emphasized in Crayfish are observing, predicting, discussing, describing, measuring, gathering and interpreting data. Integrated hands-on math activities are also included in this kit.  Crayfish coupons will be in your kit at delivery and take up to 3 weeks for delivery after sending coupon in for crayfish to arrive.

    Live Material Coupon Crayfish


    Electrical Circuits

  • This unit provides opportunities for students to carry out learning experiences such as lighting a bulb, constructing a circuit, testing for conductivity, and testing objects for magnetic properties.  Psychomotor skills are enhanced through the construction of circuits. The major skills emphasized in this unit are: observing, predicting, manipulating, and replicating.



    Move Your Body

  • Students will examine and identify the parts and functions of the skeletal and muscular systems, describe and demonstrate how the two systems work together and demonstrate how to keep the skeletal and muscular systems healthy through exercise, healthy eating and wearing protective gear.



    Grade 4 Assessment

  • During this assessment, students will rotate through station tasks. The assessment tasks help determine a student’s level of knowledge and understanding after completing the Cattaraugus/Allegany BOCES fourth grade science kits. Special emphasis is placed on the skills of observing, classifying, manipulating, communicating, and collecting data.