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Breakout EDU - K01065


Each kit comes with all the hardware required to play the games in the Breakout EDU store. All games on the site are compatible with this kit. The games are password protected to prevent players from looking up solutions during the game. To get started, and obtain your password, complete the form at (the password appears in the text after you submit the form). Each kit includes one wood Breakout EDU Box, 1 three-digit lock box, 1 directional lock, 1 word lock, 1 key lock, 1 four-digit number lock, 1 hasp, 1 flash drive, 1 UV flashlight, and 1 invisible ink pen. (Version 2 also has a deck of cards.)  

Grades 4-12


Zulama Classroom Games Kit - K01062

 Cannot order on line...Link takes you to description.

Classroom board game needed for teaching Zulama's Evolution of Games Course.  You must be trained in Zulama to use. 

Order by contacting:  Rachelle Evans at (716)376-8212 or

Grades 9-12