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4th Quarter Honor Rolls Released for CTE Center at Olean

Mr. Stephen Dieteman, Principal of Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Olean, announces that the following students earned honor roll status for the fourth quarter of the 2017-2018 school year.

First Year High Honor Roll [92-100% average]

Animal Science – Sydnee Ganoung, Allegany-Limestone; Natalie Price-Costa, Allegany-Limestone.

Audio Visual Production – Morgan Blauser, Allegany-Limestone; Dustin Cory, Hinsdale; Veronica Ferry, Olean; Dalton, Griffin, Allegany-Limestone; Anna Phillips, Portville; Henry Schauer, Portville; Sydney Stringer, Portville; Jazlynn Sullivan, Olean.

Auto Technology – Brodie Austin, Allegany-Limestone; Hunter Faulkner, Portville; Dominic Lockwood, Portville.

Cosmetology – Angela Havens, Olean; Avianna Howell, Olean; Abby Irvin, Allegany-Limestone; Meagan Ruggles, Portville; Hailey Stout, Portville.

Culinary Arts – Anna Mascioni, Allegany-Limestone.

Early Childhood/Human Services – Deziray Deckman, Hinsdale; Jordan Sands, Hinsdale; Kiley Tuttle, Hinsdale.

Media Communications Technology – Logan Funden, Portville.

Medical Professions – Hunter DeYoe, Portville; Paige Ogden, Hinsdale; Rhiannon Peck, Olean.

New Vision - Health Professions – Sachita Barua, Olean; Caelinn Drake, Allegany-Limestone; Kelsey Gengo, Olean; Allyson Haskell, Franklinville; Mikayla Hatzell, Portville; Isaac Kopp, Franklinville; Lisa Krotz, Ellicottville;  Ashley Laudisio, West Valley; Riley Mikolajczyk, Olean; Emily Puller, Olean; Burke Whitcomb, Olean; Kathryn Willey, Franklinville.

Product Design & Manufacturing – Cameron Carey, Hinsdale.

First Year Honor Roll [85-91.9% average]

Animal Science – Indiana Brundage, Portville; Trinity Collett, Hinsdale; Makayla Davies, Olean; Destynie Stanton, Allegany-Limestone.

Audio Visual Production – Summer Bunker, Olean; Mickey Jordan, Olean.

Automotive Technology – Julie Beard, Portville; Cole Butterbaugh, Olean; Daniel Crum, Olean; Dylan Fox, Portville; Donald Harris, Hinsdale; Jacob Hathaway, Olean; Brockton Hodge, Allegany-Limestone; Steven Isenberg, Olean; Kyle Liguori, Olean; Rayce Peterson, Allegany-Limestone; Torry Stives, Olean.

Cosmetology – Elizabeth Miller, Portville; John Perry, Olean; Babylove Singleteary, Olean; Grace Witter, Olean.

Criminal Justice – William Hall, Portville; Kristen Hitchcock, Allegany-Limestone.

Culinary Arts – Korry Keis, Olean.

Early Childhood/Human Services – Breanna Brooks, Hinsdale; Jade Laurich, Portville; Megan Michienzi, Olean; Ashley Mott, Allegany-Limestone; Maurya Porter, Hinsdale; Noah Pullins, Portville.

Media Communications Technology – Ethan Burch, Allegany-Limestone; Isaiah George, Olean; Kailynn Rockefeller, Olean; Lauren Schifley, Allegany-Limestone; Erica Taylor, Hinsdale.

Medical Professions – Megan Bailey, Allegany-Limestone; Megan Jozwiak, Hinsdale; Jenna Lipka, Hinsdale; Gage Reiss, Olean.

New Vision - Health Professions – Elijah Hendrix, Olean; Natalie Sova, Olean.

Product Design & Manufacturing – Christopher Decker, Hinsdale; Casey Evans, Hinsdale; Tyler Tobola, Olean.

Welding/Metal Fabrication – Ethen Boon, Hinsdale; Michael Ganoung, Portville; Christopher Hover, Hinsdale; Gunnar Mason, Olean; Matthew Reisman, Portville; Tanor Shaw, Portville.

Second Year High Honor Roll [92-100% average]

Animal Science – Anjoilie Cole, Olean; Baylee Dixon, Portville; Gabriel Hollamby, Portville; Madyson Hollamby, Portville; Clare Manion, Allegany-Limestone; Kayla Oakes, Olean; Klaire Padlo, Portville; Kymoralynn Tait, Allegany-Limestone.

Audio Visual Production – Meagan Bruso, Olean; Taylor Cramer, Olean; Joshuah Lewis, Portville.

Automotive Technology – Zachery Hopkins, Olean; Trevor Oliver, Portville.

Cosmetology – Alexis Aloi, Portville; Madison Anastasia, Allegany-Limestone; Sierra Churakos, Olean; Ashley Miller, Allegany-Limestone; Alexis Reska Allegany-Limestone; Kristin Smith, Olean; Tianna Taylor, Olean.

Media Communications Technology - Hayley Baker, Portville; Alyssa Blossom, Adult; Courtney Brisky, Olean; Lauren Lafever, Portville; Evan Pilon, Olean; Jeremiah Rodgers, Allegany-Limestone.

Medical Professions –  Kayla Hurd, Olean; Kyla Jackson, Olean; Kyleigh Nolder, Hinsdale; Jordyn Smith, Portville; Brittney Steadman, Portville.

Product Design & Manufacturing – Andrea Certo, Olean; Colby Ervay, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Samuel Riley, Ellicottville; John Vail, Adult; Dakota Woods, Allegany-Limestone.

Welding/Metal Fabrication – Jakob Herring, Adult.

Second Year Honor Roll [85-91.9% average]

Animal Science – Brooke Andera, Allegany-Limestone; Hayley Laraway, Olean; Jaide Moreth, Allegany-Limestone.

Audio Visual Production – Jordan Babb, Olean; Tyler Irvin, Olean; Maxwell Morton, Olean; Alexis Vaughn, Olean.

Automotive Technology – Dakota Woodruff, Portville.

Cosmetology – Shaylyn Stanczykowski, Olean.

Criminal Justice – Gage Weatherell, Olean.

Culinary Arts – Angel Peters, Allegany-Limestone; Taylor Richardson, Portville.

Media Communications Technology - Jade Carapellatti, Allegany- Limestone; Seth Foulkrod, Allegany-Limestone; Alexis Sider, Allegany-Limestone.

Medical Professions – Jaelynn Friel, Olean; Serena Grosserhode, Olean; Tiffany Jerge, Olean; Kamrin Jordan, Olean; Gabrielle Malone, Olean; Dottie Maynard, Olean; Erin Wilber, Allegany-Limestone.

Product Design and Manufacturing – Jacob Gibbons, Olean.