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Big Picture Students Have "Gone Fishing"


On October 10, students from Big Picture School at Elm Street Academy arrived early to school and came home late with one thing on their mind . . . fishing!

Three adults and seven students took a fishing trip to Oak Orchard River and Marsh Creek in Waterport, New York for an Environmental Conservation and fishing lesson.  Students learned about the different fish the Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) stocks, as well as their habitat and what impact it has on our environment.  Afterwards, we spent the next several hours fishing the rich waters filled with steelhead, brown trout and the most popular fish to catch, the Chinook Salmon.  Many Chinook weigh in excess of 20 pounds.  One of our students was even able to reel in and bring home one of the prized fish.

It was a fun-filled learning experience for our students and staff.

Pictured are some of our students helping other adults with their catches, our staff helping with bait, a lot of fishing, and our one catch.  Another trip is set for spring!

Two students fishing by the falls.

A student helping another fisherman net his Salmon.

Another student working on reeling in a monster, but the line snapped!

A student helping another fisherman with his catch.

The fishing area at Oak Orchard River, a popular day among fisherman.