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CABOCES Celebrates 24 HSE Diplomas

Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES’ Workforce Development and Community Learning (WFDCL) programs held their first winter High School Equivalency graduation ceremony January 15, 2019 at the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center at Olean. CABOCES will also hold a ceremony in June. Family and friends celebrated a great milestone, high school graduation, for the twenty-four graduates. Graduates were: Kenneth G. Austin, Alyssa Boncev, Jenna L. Colgrove, Jordan J. Cornelius, Mallory J. Cummings, Kyle L. Ehman, Carly M. Glaser, Rachel Green, Denise Greer, Shane Guay, Tonya L. Holder, Kyle Kuhaneck, Shirley Lee, Calista Lisky, Angel L. Lycett, Rebekah Marble, Sarah M. Miller, Stevie B. Provorse, Trea Shaw, Rachel Smith, Sierra Stromayer, Samantha M. Tyger, Courtney B. Wilder, and Randy E. Will.

HSE Graduates are shown at the ceremony with WFDCL Program Specialist Bethany Ruane (back row, left).

Students who attended all took different paths to earn their high school equivalency diploma. Dr. Melissa Rivers, CABOCES Principal for CTE, Workforce Development, & Community Learning shared that many graduates attended one of the free CABOCES HSE preparation classes held throughout Allegany and Cattaraugus counties. Other students were homeschooled or utilized the Southern Tier Traveling teachers. Students receive an official transcript from the New York State Education Department stating their achievement of a high school equivalency diploma, recognized nationally as equal to a Regents diploma issued by a local school district. 

Over 150 supporters gathered for the ceremony that included certificates presented by CABOCES Board president, Mrs. Candace Clemons to all the graduates. CABOCES Assistant Superintendent for CTE Ms. Tracie Preston, who oversees the Workforce Development & Community Learning program, presented awards for high scores on the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) exam, the test required for earning a High School Equivalency Diploma in New York. The highest overall scorer for CABOCES was Sarah Moore, who spoke at the ceremony about the efforts it took for all the graduates to earn their diploma and that when “you are determined enough to accomplish something, nothing can stand in your way.”

If you would like information about earning your High School Equivalency Diploma, please contact CABOCES at 716-376-8293.