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CTE Center at Olean Inducts 25 New NTHS Members

The Olean Career and Technical Education Center held its annual National Technical Honor Society induction ceremony on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 in the Olean BOCES Center conference room.  The local NTHS chapter inducted 25 new members into their society.  The new inductees included 16 juniors and nine seniors.  The organization recognizes and awards scholastic achievement in Career and Technical Education. The following students were inducted in a candle lighting ceremony in front of their Career Tech instructors and administrators, component school administrators, and their family and friends.

Students inducted into the National Technical Honor Society for 2018. 

List of Inductees

  • Sachita Barua - New Vision/Health Professions, Olean Senior
  • Julie Beard - Automotive Technology, Portville Junior
  • Meagan Bruso - Audio Visual Productions, Olean Senior
  • Hunter DeYoe - Medical Professions, Portville Junior
  • Caelinn Drake - New Vision/Health Professions, Allegany-Limestone Senior
  • Veronica Ferry - Audio Visual Productions, Olean Junior
  • Logan Funden - Media Communications Technology, Portville Junior
  • MiKayla Hatzell - New Vision/Health Professions, Portville Senior
  • Elijah Hendrix - New Vision/Health Professions, Olean Senior
  • Abby Irvin - Cosmetology, Allegany-Limestone Junior
  • Megan Jozwiak - Medical Professions, Hinsdale Junior
  • Lisa Krotz - New Vision/Health Professions, Ellicottville Senior
  • Dominic Lockwood - Automotive Technology, Portville Junior
  • Rhiannon Peck - Medical Professions, Olean Junior
  • Anderson Phillips - Audio Visual Productions, Portville Junior
  • Evan Pilon - Media Communications Technology, Olean Senior
  • Gage Reiss - Medical Professions, Olean Junior
  • Meagan Ruggles - Cosmetology, Portville Junior
  • Jordan Sands - Early Childhood, Hinsdale Junior
  • Lauren Schifley - Media Communications Technology, Allegany-Limestone Junior
  • Natalie Sova - New Vision/Health Professions, Olean Senior
  • Destynie Stanton - Animal Science, Allegany-Limestone Junior
  • Hailey Stout - Cosmetology, Portville Junior
  • Kiley Tuttle - Early Childhood, Hinsdale Junior
  • Kathryn Willey - New Vision/Health Professions, Franklinville Senior

The students inducted into the NTHS are exceptional. These students work hard and are dedicated to their field.  They also set examples for their peers, motivate others in the classroom and encourage them through hard work and commitment, and serve as leaders in their schools.  These students also typically move onto post-secondary education once they leave the Career and Technical Education Center, and they provide the positive image that future Career and Technical Education students plan to uphold.

NTHS Inductees participate in the candle lighting ceremony. 

NTHS inductees uphold the eight qualities outlined by the NTHS: Knowledge, Skill, Honesty, Service, Responsibility, Scholarship, Citizenship and Leadership.

NTHS Inductees participate in the candle lighting ceremony.

NTHS Advisor Amber Christensen said, “The Olean Culinary Arts class -- with guidance from their instructor, Mr. Ed Waddell -- provided a fantastic dessert buffet and an exceptional atmosphere in which to honor the NTHS inductees for their accomplishments.  It's a wonderful experience to have the students in Culinary Arts put on such a display of their skills and even better that everyone gets to enjoy the fantastic food provided on an occasion such as this.”

Mrs. Christensen added, “We would also like to thank the following BOCES Board of Education Members and Administrators who came to support our students this year.  From our BOCES Board of Education: Ms. Candace Clemens. From our BOCES administration: Ms. Tracie Preston, Assistant Superintendent of CTE Programs, Mr. Steve Dieteman, Olean CTE Principal, and Mrs. Ashley Malpiedi the Olean CTE Guidance Counselor. We also had great representation from our component school administrators as well as family and friends of the inductees.”

Current NTHS Officers in attendance who participated the NTHS induction ceremony included: President Kyleigh Nolder (Medical Professions), Vice-President Brittney Steadman (Medical Professions), Treasurer Lauren LaFever (Media Communications Technology) and Secretary Dottie Maynard (Medical Professions).  The student officers did a fantastic job running the evenings events. 

Mrs. Christensen added, “This is a great honor to be held by all students and we would like to once again say congratulations on your accomplishments and hard work.”

Vice-President Brittney Steadman from Medical Professions presents during the banquet.

NTHS Treasurer Lauren LaFever from Portville presented during the banquet. 

Current NTHS officers from L to R: Lauren LaFever (Treasurer), Brittney Steadman (VP), Dottie Maynard (Secretary) and Kyleigh Nolder (President)