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Scholastic Challenge is this Saturday at Portville C.S.

The largest ever Scholastic Challenge Competition will be held on Saturday, February 3 at Portville Central School.  This annual event, sponsored by Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES (Student Programs CoSer #506) will host a record breaking 44 teams who will compete in a Junior Division and Senior Division, for grades 6-12.

Scholastic Challenge is a fast-paced contest that tests knowledge of academic trivia and current events.  Teams of four students measure their ability to recall details from a wide variety of topics.

Sixteen school districts will be participating in the double-elimination contest this year.  This translates to about 200 students and coaches.  Throughout the day, several thousand questions will be read aloud to these ambitious teams.  Spectators are encouraged to watch the competitions. It’s exciting to see the students combine an impressive display of intelligence with camaraderie, graciousness and good sportsmanship.

The Final matches will take place around 1:45-2:45 p.m. The first and second place teams in each division will be presented with plaques to recognize their achievements.  They will also receive an invitation to attend the 2018 National Academic Championship.

This event requires about 50 volunteers to make the day run smoothly.  CABOCES Student Programs is grateful to everyone who donates their time and experience to provide a fun and educational day for the students in our area.  Scholastic Challenge could not happen without their help!

Congratulations to all the teams participating this year.  Thank you to all coaches for mentoring and encouraging your students.  The following school districts will be attending on Saturday, February 3:

  1. Allegany-Limestone – 1 team coached by Brian Rohrabacher
  2. Cuba-Rushford – 6 teams coached by Robin Alcocer & Angela Hajzak
  3. Ellicottville - 1 teams coached by Ann Chamberlain
  4. Fillmore – 3 teams coached by Bill Kelley & Mary Kay Kelley
  5. Franklinville – 4 teams coached by Shannon Wood
  6. Friendship – 1 team coached by Wade Pearsall
  7. Genesee Valley – 4 teams coached by Sara Donlon & Kim Douglas
  8. Hinsdale – 2 teams coached by Sara Centanni
  9. Immaculate Conception – 1 team coached by Zachary Smith & Julie Willson
  10. Pioneer – 4 teams coached by Sarah Wood
  11. Portville – 6 teams coached by Gene Rogers & Margaret Seib
  12. Randolph - 2 teams coached by Jennifer Bieniek
  13. Scio – 3 teams coached by Mary Zdrojewski
  14. Wellsville – 2 teams coached by Diane Willard
  15. West Valley – 2 teams coached by Bryan Hansen
  16. Whitesville – 2 teams coached by Laurie Sanders & Renee McNeely