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Welding class takes virtual field trip

A virtual field trip to an Ohio manufacturing firm had C-A BOCES Career Tech students thinking about their post-high school plans.

On Nov. 8, Welding and Metal Fabrication students from the Olean center gathered in the distance learning room to learn more about Lincoln Electric, a market leader in welding and cutting products which is headquartered in Cleveland, OH.

The virtual field trip was geared toward students in Ohio, but was also witnessed by students in Texas along with those at the Olean center.

"Not only was this a way for us to highlight career opportunities for students, but it also emphasizes BOCES' tools in learning technology," said Richard Phinney, Welding and Metal Fabrication instructor at Olean.

During the session, Lincoln employees (some of them not much older than BOCES students) touted the company as well as the high demand for welders in the growing world economy. Construction, automobile manufacturing, energy production, and other industries all need workers with these skills.  Not only is there a demand for welders, but the positions often have great salaries and benefits.

Lincoln Electric invented and makes the VRTEX 360, a virtual reality arc welding trainer than reduces material waste, scrap and energy consumption associated with traditional welding training.