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Regional Personnel


Regional Personnel


Regional Coordinator:

Sue Locke-Scott -   Sue serves as the liaison to NYSED for all RSE-TASC services provided in the region.  She also ensures that the technical assistance is delivered by specialists according to NYSED's requirements.

Regional Specialist Education Training Specialist

Mary Ann White -   Mary Ann provides training and information through regional training sessions relating to special education requirements and effective practices.

Non-District Technical Assistance Provider

Cheri Lesinski -  Cheri provides training and technical assistance on special education and school improvement to selected school-age approved provate schools.

Transition Specialist

Lisa Dearlove -  Lisa works with school districts to improve the school to post school transition planning process for students with disabilities, as well as Teachnical Assistance for reporting on SPP #13.

Behavior Specialist

Cassie Porter - Cassie works with NYSED-designated school districts, particularly with those school districts with significant discrepancies in the long tern suspension rates for students with disabilities, to establish and sustain positive behavioral interventions and supports within those school districts.