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COSER 520 Behind the Scene Career Explorations

School to Work/Industry-Education Activities Coordination

CA BOCES is proud to offer a new series of ‘Behind the Scenes Career Explorations’ that will provide our students with a one of a kind experience to observe a variety of careers in action. 

Each month we will travel to destinations that target specific career opportunities, and explore the skill sets needed to be successful in that career path.


2016-17 School Year

WKBW Channel 7 - Focus on broadcast journalism;  October 6, 2016

Corning Sullivan Park Research Facility/Corning Museum of Glass - Focus on engineering, research, glass science and sculpture;  November 3, 2016

NYS Center of Excellence Bioinformatics and Life Sciences - Focus on genomic and microbiome literacy and STEM careers;  December 6, 2016

Cutco Corporation and Beef'n'Barrel Restaurant - Focus on manufacturing, human resources and restaurant management;  January 10, 2017

Delaware North - Focus on global food and beverage industry;  March 10, 2017

Picture Yourself on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus - Focus on internships, college and career exploration;  April 22, 2017

Erie Zoo - Focus on zoo careers, animal care and horticulture;  May 31, 2017

Whirlpool Jet Tours - Focus on entrepreneurship, business and tourism;  June 9, 2017


2017-18 School Year

WKBW Channel 7 - Focus on broadcast journalism;  November 8, 2017

Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus/Buffalo General Medical Center - Focus on medical careers and medical campus; November 16, 2017

Buffalo Bills Stadium - Focus on Sports Management/Sports Medicine; December 6, 2017

Aquarium of Niagara - Focus on animal psychology/animal sciences; December 19, 2017

Jacobs Institute and tour of the new UB/Jacobs School of Medicine - Focus on medical field, college and education; January 19, 2018

Williamson Photography - Focus on Photography and Film Editing; February 6, 2018

Buffalo Manufacturing Works and tour of the Innovation Center - Focus on 3-D Printing and Manufacturing; February 8, 2018

Noblehurst Farms - Focus on Green Technology and Agriculture Sustainability; May 23, 2018

Otis Eastern/Hi-Tech Ceramics - Focus on local industry and related careers/skills necessary for employment; May 2018