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CoSer 402: Exploratory Enrichment Explanation

Exploratory Enrichment (CoSer 402), is a "shared" program that provides activities which exceed or are different from content offerings found in standard courses.  Activities may not generate school or college credit and may not be scheduled on weekends.  The cost for transportation or food is not eligible for BOCES aid.  Admission tickets are not eligible for aid.

Beginning with the 2011 - 2012 school year, districts will be required to have a 'share' for any Exploratory Enrichment event.  That means another school must also participate in the same program.  The dates do not have to be the same (as long as it is within the same school calendar year), but the 'vendor' must be the same. (For example, the Buffalo Zoo would not be a share with the Erie Zoo. They would be separate events and would need at least two schools for each, to qualify as a "share")  

At least two districts must participate to create the 'share', and any district beyond those two will qualify to utilize the share.  

There is a current list on this website for districts to check the status for a possible share. 

REFER TO 2011-2012 DISTRICT SHARING LINK  to review current district participation.

If you wish to add an event or venue to the database, please call our office (716-376-8208) to have it added.

It is imperative that you plan ahead, as we cannot approve any event without at least two districts to share the program.

Each event must be accompanied by an original invoice, authorization form and a lesson plan outlining how the event meets the New York State  Standards.

Reminder:  CoSer 402 does not pay for individual tickets to events and it must be a 'program' to qualify.