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Terrariums and Vivariums

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The study of plants and animals in Terrariums or Vivariums provides students with the opportunities to observe three different environments: woodland, desert, and tropical. Students will assist in building and furnishing three simulated habitats with living organisms. Students will observe the growth and interactions of plants and/or animals, introduce variables, and study the effect of variables on living organisms. The teacher may choose to add animals to the terrarium, thus turning the terrarium (an environment for plants) to a vivarium (an environment for plants and animals.)  Humane treatment of animals should be stressed throughout the following learning experiences.

**Live material orders for this kit should be placed for ship dates of Sept.-Oct. and May-June due to the availability of the plants and animals. Live feeder crickets will be shipped twice weekly to feed vivarium animals. Please call us as soon as your animals arrive to receive feeder crickets. Crickets will only be shipped until December for Fall requests and June for Spring requests. Aquariums are used for this kit. You may already have aquariums stored at your school, if not, please contact us to request them.

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