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Child of BOCES Staffer Helps Child of Another

According to Annette Butts, Administrative Secretary for C-A BOCES Allegany County Special Education and the Big Picture Program located in Cuba, “Mercedes is the daughter of one of our aides, Jody Turybury.  (And) Parker is the son of one of our teachers, Kerri Davis.”


By Kari Margeson, Bolivar Richburg CSD Special Education Teacher

In September of 2016, Mercedes Turybury, an eighth-grader here at BRCS, lost almost everything she owned in a tragic house fire.  The Bolivar-Richburg family -- along with the help of the surrounding towns -- came together to help provide clothing, food, and monetary donations to the Turybury’s.  The generosity shown to Mercedes and her family changed something inside of her.  She decided to find a worthy cause and do her best to pay it forward.

Mercedes Turybury (left) is shown with her teacher, Kari Margeson, who wrote this story.  

Mercedes learned about Parker Davis, a second-grader at Genesee Valley who became injured after playing basketball.  Parker was sent to the hospital for a routine CAT scan.  During the CAT scan, doctors discovered a tumor growing on Parker’s brain.  Surgery could remove only 60% of the tumor.  In the months to come, Parker will receive 60 weeks of chemotherapy treatments at Strong Memorial in Rochester in hopes of removing the remaining 40% of the tumor. 

This means that Parker and his family will be making a weekly trip from Andover to Rochester for the next 60 weeks.  In an attempt to raise money for the family to help with their travel expenses, Mercedes put donation jars in both the elementary and high school main offices.  She also put posters up throughout the school to ask students to help by donating their spare change.  As Mercedes learned last year, every little bit can help!

Mercedes also wanted to show Parker how much the B-R community supported him.  On Friday, January 27, the Pre-K, Elementary and Middle/High school buildings all came together to wear red in support of Parker.  

The act of kindness came full circle when Mercedes was able to meet Parker and show him the pictures of all of the students and staff from Bolivar-Richburg that dressed in red to support him.  She collected all of the donations and was able to present Parker and his family a check for over $300!  On top of that, many people had donated gas cards, gift cards and presents for Parker.

The Bolivar-Richburg family would like to extend their well wishes to Parker and his family.  They would also like to thank Mercedes Turybury and her selfless generosity to take a tragic incident and find the joy that comes with giving to others.  She hopes that more people will find the goodness in their hearts to PAY IT FORWARD!

This story was featured on the cover of the most recent Bolivar-Richburg CSD newsletter.

Parker Davis was also featured on the back cover of the most recent Genesee Valley CSD newsletter.  He is the boy shown at the top of the movable staircase.